Mother Behold Thy Son – How to Help Sons Discern

Mother, Behold Thy Son

Mother, Behold Thy Son

How to Help Sons Discern and Unlearn Toxic


How to Help Sons

Discern and 

Unlearn Toxic


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1. At birthCelebrate boys and girls the same. Love them and give them equal opportunities. As they grow, teach them about their rights using the child rights convention.

2. LanguageReplace ” boys will be boys” to ” boys will be responsible”

3. Replace“boys do not cry” with boys do cry and it is ok”

4. Avoid stereotypingThrough colour coding boys as blue and girls as pink. Let children wear what they want.

5. Check what toys you buy your boys and girls what they teach them.Many parents buy toy guns, motor vehicles and balls for boys and dolls , dollhouses and kitchen ware for girls. This plays out later in life and the unequal relations between men and women continue. Mothers can change by exposing children to all toys.

6. Tell your story as a mother.You have experiences with boys and men. You do not want your son to replicate bad behaviours, attitudes and practices.

Mother Behold Thy Son has stories to use in teaching and also provides 12 action steps for mothers to follow, so that they make the home more equal, loving and free. Grab your copy now!

All this work needs a Mindset change. It is not easy to drop our beliefa over night. It requires deep reflection on how we have been programmed. If you are ready to create a lasting legacy of Equality, Love and Freedom for your family.

You can change your family and change the world!

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